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About Us

The Otuho South Sudanese residing in North America (United States and Canada) came mainly from Eastern Equatoria in South Sudan. Many of the members immigrated in the early 2000 as refugees with the help of the United States and Canadian governments and local Charities in the cities/towns where they are resettled.

The Otuho-Speaking Community of North America (NACO) was established in 2005. The Organization obtained its incorporation in 2006 and a non-profit tax-exempt status (501)(c) (3) in 2007. In 2013, NACO obtained its incorporation in Canada. Otuho-Speakers across North America are eligible members to the Organization but membership is by choice and so not all Otuhospeakers are members of NACO.

Our Mission

To establish and develop a viable civil community that will enable the South Sudanese in general and Otuho-Speaking people in particular to become self-sufficient and self-reliant so as to develop the necessary means for basic social welfare, quality education, economic development in North America and South Sudan.

Vision Statement

To provide quality education and basic social welfare services that will foster diversity between South Sudanese communities in North America as well as in South Sudan.

Core Values

o Integrity
o Stewardship
o Education of community members and the youth to sustain the Otuho traditions and cultural values.

Our Goals and Objectives

o To identify community needs concerns and challenges.
o To establish and develop cooperative shops, encourage small Otuho South Sudanese businesses in North America and South Sudan.
o To educate our youth and other communities about our Otuho culture.
o To provide scholarships for Otuho South Sudanese in North America and at home (South Sudan) by raising funds.
o To provide quality youth programs to the Otuho in North America and other South Sudanese communities in residing in United States and Canada.

NACO is a 501 ( c ) (3) charitable non-profit corporation registered in Maine. All donations are tax-deductable to the full extent of the law.

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