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NACO, pronounced as na-cho, is an acronym for the Otuho-Speaking Community of North America. Formed during the Christmas season of 2005, NACO in Otuho languages means leaning to each other to support one another. This organization is therefore formed with the aim to support each other not only in North America (Canada and the United States of America) but also everywhere the Otuho-Speaking members do exist.


The logo symbolizes and characterizes the Otuho-Speaking Community culture of protecting and supporting each other in happiness, sadness and in need. The logo is comprised of the drum, a defensive seal, and 2 tools. The drums in Otuho culture is used for alulu, or calling people together to work or defend the Otuho-Speaking nation and its cause The defensive seal is used to defend the Otuho people from all war and trouble. It is also a sign of strength. The tools symbolizes the resources, knowledge and skills of the monyie iko honyie miji (owners of the land, the ruling generation) used for the welfare of the Otuho-Speaking land and nation.