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NACO Leadership
Because NACO is a community-based organization, its leadership structure is design with the General Assembly as the foundation.  Its leadership caters for both its registered members and also Otuho-Speaking people.
Board of Advisers
NACO has a diverse board of advisers. The board of advisers are comprised of well qualified individuals that have the Otuho community at heart. The advisers are made up of what NACO calls Otuho “traditional elders” and friends of the community who are non-Otuho speakers in North America. As part of its board of advisers, NACO has also legal advisers to provide legal guidance to the Board Members in its fiduciary duties. The advisers are very much an integral part of the board members but do not take direct role in the duties of the Board Members. They help and advise the board members when needed.
Board Members
The board members are a diverse group made up of skilled individuals who are passionate and dedicated volunteers who provide leadership and direction to the organization. Each board member has a specific role and function. The current board members are made of board chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. These are the core positions. In addition to these four positions, their are also a number of individuals playing different roles as members of the board. The board has a fiduciary responsibility over the organization.
Executive Members
The executive members are dedicated volunteers comprised of six (6) individuals lead by a president and a vice president. Each executive member has a specific role and function. They are diverse group. The current executive members are made up of president, vice-president, secretary general, secretary of information, secretary for women, children and youth affairs and finally, secretary of media and archives. The organization CEO/President reports directly to the board chair. The daily functions of the organization are handled directly by the executive members.
Organization Flow Chart: