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Otuho-Speaking Traditional Videos
Otuho Traditional Songs:
Songs during Efifaro (Rituals)
Songs during Ajingana (Initiation)

Otuho-Speaking Musicians
Girchang Ojok (a.k.a DJ GO)
Land & People
Efira (Fire Production)
Ewwaha (General Assembly Meeting)
Elewwahit (Moderator)
Ehuma (Sacrifice)
Etadwara (Consecration)
Major Life Stages in Otuho 
Efifaryo (Birth Rituals)
Ajingana (Initiation)
Ayama (Marriage)
Ayaai (Death, Dirges)
Otuho Music:
Songs are essential part of Otuho culture and
tradition. Most of the history of the Otuho-
Speaking people is kept in songs. The Otuho
speakers sing during happiness and sadness.
They sing when a new child is born and when
someone dies. They sing when they praise and
when they insult. Singing is an essential part of
the Otuho-Speaking tradition and culture.
This NACO web page therefore deicts the
importance of Otuho songs. It also promotes
the traditional and modern singing talents the
Otuho-Speaking community members in North
America and at home posses.
If you would like to purchase some of the songs
please contact us.
Land and People
The Otuho-Speaking people are found in
Eastern Equatoria State of the South Sudan.
They are boarded by the Lokoro in the North,
Bari on the West, the Acholi and the Madi in
the South, the Didinga and the Boya in the
East. The Otuho-Speaking region is
characterized by ranges and mountains spurs
such as the Imatong mountain which is the
highest with an altitude of 10,453 ft above sea
level. It is also the highest mountain in the
whole of South Sudan.
The region is divided into 5 major regions
namely: Imatong, Valley, Dongotolo, Lopit, and
the Great plains regions.