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Our programs: 
We offer the following Services:
In North America:
● To provide educational means and instruments for women and youth literacy centers for basic adult education and leadership
● To provide English language instructions and basic computer skills.
● Provide support to small South Sudanese businesses.
● Educate our youth and other communities about our culture.
● Provide scholarships for South Sudanese in North America and at South Sudan.
● Provide quality youth programs to South Sudanese communities in North America and Canada.
In South Sudan:
● Supply school essentials such books, school uniforms, pen/pencils, book packs…etc.
● Provide financial support to jump-start small business for women in Torit.
● Provide health care essentials to local hospitals in and around Torit.
Volunteer Opportunities:
NACO welcomes volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Ms. Margaret Atari @ ihiju@hotmail.com or 814-446-7178